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Free Meetup Entry – Your entry fee is waived for all of our monthly Real Estate Meetup’s

Monthly Mastermind Call – Join us each month for a relevant topic-driven presentation featuring Experts from the Real Estate and Finance Industry

NEW AirBnb Mastermind Call – Starting January 2018 Our Group will now support a once a month Mastermind on AirBnB Short Term Rentals.

Monthly Training Webinars – Membership includes access to any bonus training webinars

Open Office Hours – Still have more questions? Have a burning desire to solve a problem? Our open office hours are schedules periodically so that our investors can continue to grow their real estate business.

Proximity Events – Memberships include access to any bonus training sessions when our friends, and other Real Estate Professionals come into town for our events.

Desktop Appraisals – Access to desktop appraisals and market analysis or your residential property.

30% Off All Events, Products, and Services – You will receive a discounted price on all REI events including any 1 Day, 2 Day, and 4 Day Events and Workshops. You will receive a discounted price on all products and services including contract packages and project services.

Priority Seating at Advance Real Estate Education Events – Receive Priority Booking at Alpine’s High-Level Real Estate Education Events. These events are invitation only and not open to the public.

2 Deal Reviews a Year – Our team will review any deal you wish under our current deal qualifications to let you know if it’s a deal that we would do ourselves. Consider this your second opinion.

Access our Lending Network – Access our network of private lenders, gap funders, commercial lenders, and traditional lenders.

Payment Options